Kaynak Saglama

Outsourcing Service

Based on the demand of being flexible, fast and productive in services and productions offered in the world of information technologies, Mirsis’ goal is to function as source of information technologies with its expert, experienced team available through its extensive pool of resources.

Mastool MasTool

MasTool ensures the preparation of the banking processes in accordance with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) criteria. It also facilitates process audits based on Risk Control Matrix (RCM).

Audit Sm3 Audit SM3

Audit-SM3 is a platform designed in order to keep track of the execution of the policies implemented by the organization in accordance with national and international standards. Through an analysis, the system identifies the extent of coverage of such items of the standards by the policies defined within the company, and displays deficits.

Audit T

Audit T

Audit-T provides the organizations with an environment to allow digitization of the audits to keep track of findings, the actions taken and solutions as a whole or by grouping.

Auto Control AutoControl

AutoControl is the solution for organizations which perform controls, keep track of actions to close the findings and send automatic reports to relevant divisions.

Mobil Uygulama

Mobile Application

Mobile technologies are changing the lifestyle and business process of both the individuals and the business world. In addition to software development, integration and testing to meet the business demands of the Telecom industry, we also supply global products and services for individuals in the mobile world.

Proje Danismanligi

Project Consulting

Project Consultancy services assure that companies can make use of development, project management and maintenance services based on their strategic goals and help them to gain profit and competitive edge.

Sistem Surekliligi

System Consulting

Our services on System Continuity and Management offer organizations access to;
System Consulting Services on; Product Support, Periodic Maintenance, Configuration Management, Reporting, Access to Experts and Qualified Staff, Reduced Operational and Technological Costs, and Ability of Advanced Costs Calculation and Sustainable Resources.

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