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Mirsis Careers

A career in Mirsis Information Technologies

As Mirsis Information Technologies, within the frame of our policy of Human Resources, we pay strict attention to work with people who are experts in their fields, have great team work skills and who can contribute to their corporations with their competences.

We sustain the high performance of success and the development process in all our departments by supporting the technical capacities and competencies of each individual who has joined our team.

We truly believe in the contribution of our team, who work devotedly, in making our company one of the leaders of the information technologies and thanks to their significant contributions we are moving towards our future goals.

We are delighted to work with the well-educated young manpower

As Mirsis Information Technologies, we are glad to work not only with the specialists but also the recent graduates who, with their vigorous energy, have the potential to easily adapt to their environment.

In the name of offering an opportunity to our young candidates and contributing to their career planning, we believe that working with interns brings a great energy to Mirsis Information Technologies who put strong emphasis on education and progress.

Our Human Resources and Recruitment Process

As Mirsis Information Technologies we consider our Human Resources as a service and create comprehensive processes. Our Human Resources framework consists of 3 parts as;

  • The selection and placement
  • The employee relations and the salary system
  • The organizational development and the wage management.

In this way we intend to meet the needs of our employees without any delay. Our Quality Department within Mirsis Information Technologies inspects our Human Resources Department at least twice a year to ensure the processes are running correctly and to follow up on them.

The recruitment process starts with our teams, who are experts in information technologies, evaluating the job applications made through our career portals. Then, based on their competencies, we interview the suitable candidates. After a consensus is reached with the “Selection and Placement Team”, the successful candidate we have announced as the new employee, within the framework of our “Inauguration Process”, will be invited for an orientation in our company and thus the recruitment process will finalize.

Performance Management and Improvement Opportunities

We, as Mirsis Information Technologies, are responsible for providing our employees a work environment where they can perform most competently. Annually, our Human Resources Department evaluates our employees in terms of performance management and conducts evaluations, which are integrated to this system, based on competencies. Besides, in order to support the personal development of our employees, with our “Training Management” process, we gather and make plans on the training requests received from all departments at the end of each year, and share this within our company.

If you would like to become a member of this team, you can send us your CV.