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Our Environment Policy

Leaving behind a habitable world for future generations is the most fundamental responsibility for Mirsis. For this reason, we assume as our mission to protect the environment with each product and service we develop and provide. While moving ahead towards our goals and targets set for this purpose, we;

  • Minimize harmful effects on the environment,
  • Prefer technologies that serve common benefit,
  • Use natural resources effectively, and
  • Take actions to ensure the recycling of wastes.

Mirsis spends all efforts towards building, spreading, and sustaining a common awareness for the environment. In this context;

  • Provides periodic staff training,
  • Involves in social responsibility projects in order to reduce environmental pollution, and
  • Organizes corporate events.

Mirsis Ofis Binası

Mirsis is committed to comply with national and international legislation, to fulfill its legal obligations, to continuously improve its environmental performance, and to engage third parties in these endeavors.