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Our Information Security Policy

Mirsis' Management has a strong faith in the importance of protecting all data processed in its technology infrastructure along with all systems hosting such data for success. Through the Information Security Management System developed for this purpose;

  • Security targets have been set,
  • Risks have been defined and made manageable,
  • The measures required for sustainable services have been taken,
  • Legal and safety obligations to customers have been taken into consideration,
  • Employee awareness on information security has been raised through training, and
  • Security processes have been integrated with business requirements and entire processes.

Periodically reviewing the Information Security Management System, we aim at protecting customer information, allowing only authorized access to data, complying with legal requirements and legislation, and to perform all activities applicable for continuous system improvement.

    All employees using Mirsis IT infrastructure and having access to the data resources;
  • Protect the privacy of the organization's data during information exchange with third parties by personal and electronic communication.
  • Back up processed data according to their level of criticality.
  • Take the security measures as defined on the basis of the risk level.
  • Report the incident of information security violation to the Information Security and System Administration, and take measures to prevent such violations, and
  • Refrain from unauthorized disclosure of internal information resources to 3rd parties.

Mirsis Information Technology has established an Information Security Committee led by the Senior Management to support the Information Security Management System framework, to respond to the changes in the risk assessment or risk response plan, and to review the Information Security Management System for at least one time in a year.

Mirsis Information Technology is committed to fulfilling all activities in accordance with the ISO 27001 certificate of approval.