About Mirsis

Mirsis Information Technologies has a broad network of products and services to meet the unique requirements of a variety of industries and businesses of any scale in the field of IT technology. We provide consulting, outsourcing, testing, software development, system continuity and management services with our competent staff specialized in their field. Through our software products, we also offer solutions which add value to business organizations.

Ranking 10th in the "Top 25 Fastest Growing Companies of Turkey" survey prepared by the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) in 2011, Mirsis has based its entire processes on internationally recognized standards ever since its foundation. Handling customer relations through a strategic approach, we aim at developing IT solutions in the worldwide quality standards and adapting the rapid changes in the industry in a correct, timely and effective manner through improving human resources and our experience.

Operating in the constantly changing and evolving IT sector, Mirsis offers its expertise to organizations willing to maximize the benefits of technology throughout their business processes and to go ahead of the competition.



It is our vision to ensure our customers' success in their business field through Software, outsourcing and business knowledge and experience in the areas of business development.



Our mission is to become an outsourced provider and a house of software developers offering turnkey projects with the right technology, maintaining employee and stakeholder satisfaction at the highest level, and being preferred by both, national and international customers.