Our Core Values

We as the Mirsis Family love and appreciate our job and co-workers very much. We came to many conclusions from our experience acquired over many years to preserve our approach. We observed our respective attitudes and behaviors on which our success and job satisfaction depend. We desired to write down the same to reflect the Mirsis family's business perspective. 

These principles define the minimum behavioral standards which ensure us to achieve success and contentment as the Mirsis Family. Each member of our family is expected to comply with the ethical conduct. By defining these principles and making them a part of our relation, we admit our awareness on our critical role we assume for the protection of our common values which are of substantial importance to us. 

We are Process –Result Oriented

We perform a final check on the works before the delivery deadline. Working under such control is less costly than doing errors and s pending the time for correction, and losing prestige.


Individuals and organizations who keep their promise prove their reliability over time. Our team members and customers base the arrangement of their activities on our word. Disrupting the chain will disrupt their business, eventually leading us to lose trust. That's why timing is important to us, we care and we complete our tasks on the promised deadline. We protect our credibility.


Our goal is long-term reputation for both ourselves and our customers. We work with this in mind. We analyze our customers' needs and develop solutions suitable to the business strategy. We disregard any short term benefits where necessary.


We pay importance to any details that would affect the success of the business. We reveal our difference where such details are not noticed by anyone, but which we are aware of. But we are not buried in details, but rather assess what detail is important. Thus, our business avoids unnecessary loss of time.


We consider aspects not only important to us, but also to others. For this, we do not disregard the opinions of our teammates. This is not an indicator for our inability, but rather shows that we are a good team player. We know that success does not come with individualism, but with team spirit.

We work with the awareness to achieve our goal

Looking at the big picture adds quality to our work. We question "the benefit of a specific job" to find out what and why we're doing. Thus, we make clear decisions on any aspects hindering us or providing benefit for us. Knowing our barriers and acting accordingly will give us time to reach our goal.


We ask to ourselves "how the current action would be effective to take us to the desired outcome." Having a look at the extent of effect, we make more accurate prioritizations. We always take our steps with the "big picture" in our mind.

We are willing to Improve our Business

We are open to learning. We ask anything we do not understand even if it seems very simple. Asking questions indicates that we value our business. If we value our business, it will return us the value to the same extent.

We work in coordination and cooperation to achieve our goals. We think that the "I know everything" attitude is unrealistic. There is always something to learn. Being able to teach is also important as much as learning.

Our friends who contribute to the improvement of the team are more valuable for us. Such friends do not withdraw their knowledge, but share their experiences. They know that shared knowledge will provide incremental benefit for the achievement of results.

We encourage innovation. Therefore, what we offer always includes novel ideas. We know that to keep pace with today's technology strengthens our business. This power provides us with determination and ambition for our business.

Allowing everyone to voice their opinions, we create working environments where anyone can address their questions without hesitation, and discuss freely. We think that establishing harmonious relationships without conflict will improve the quality of work. Hence, unworried brains mean creative thinking.

Top level work safety, health and quality are fundamental for ensuring customer and employee satisfaction. For this reason, we comply with the applicable law, inspections and audits. We spend our best effort for sustainability.

We reward achievements resulting from efforts we can be proud of. Competition turning into motivation encourages us to eagerly embrace our mission with enthusiasm. We produce more, and the more we produce, the more we are happy.


Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

Maintaining long-term relationships with our customers is important to us. Thus, it is our priority to add value to improve their performance. We analyze the needs, compare them with their demands, and offer solutions. In doing so, we strive to understand and implement their ethics and culture.

We recognize that qualified business brings credibility and reputation. With this in mind, we prepare our schedule in accordance with the terms and conditions before we start the work and complete our task according to such plan. However, we are also prepared for possible adverse situations that may arise. We are aware that a “Plan B" is essential to easily overcome any issues and drawbacks.

We select our coworkers meticulously among candidates capable to perform the job and employ the most suitable resource. We choose individuals whose knowledge and experience reflect the vision of Mirsis. These people with their individual properties will embrace the core values of Mirsis.

We believe that timely and accurate services which meet expectations are the key to display quality. As a consequence, we practice the global and professional standards in the provision of our services, and benefit from new methods and tools. It is also highly important to share with the customer any performance and improvements during the course of service. We provide timely and accurate reports to our customers.

It is our ideal to see that the value added by Mirsis to its customers is returned as the highest level of quality and reputation. It is the sole driving force behind the pleasure and collaborative success of all of us.

We value people

Our tolerance is always available to our coworkers who perform their tasks with our principles. Friendship is important to us. For us, friendship always means to express one's self openly no matter of the situation. We want our relationship to be long lasting. Therefore, honesty is indispensable for us.

We are all human and respect is what we expect in the first place. We work more comfortably and are more productive in an environment where we are treated with respect. We know that productive teams face less challenge.

The bond of trust between us forms the basis for our professional and friendly working environment. We never tolerate any event which would ruin this bond such as discrimination, harassment, and intimidation. We never allow inhumane treatment towards anyone.

We prefer the spirit of unity over the loneliness as an individual. We take into account different perspectives and support authentic ideas at all levels. Our individual differences do not interfere with the team spirit but quite on the contrary, are an asset for us. We think that getting to know our teams from different backgrounds and cultures improve our own world. We develop understanding and empathy towards them.

Our unity is strengthened by our friendship and solidarity also outside the business. We assist each other not only in business matters, but also for the solution of specific problems. We believe that the sense of doing something for each other contributes as much to the success of Mirsis as personal achievement.

We all are willing to share our facilities with those who are devoid of them. In this sense, we assume as our mission to actively participate in social activities. We support our volunteer friends. The results of benevolence which make us smile are our motivation.


We Establish Honest and Reliable Relationships

The chain of loyalty we develop among our teammates and clients is strengthened by the sense of trust. With this sense, we never offer or accept bribes, corruption, extortion, fraudulent records or suspicious payments in any form. We know that integrity is out of question in any environment of unfair achievements. We act consistently with our core values and ethics, and tailor our relationships in accordance with these principles.

As team leaders, we are frank and open in our communication. We do not hesitate to voice our opinions on the performance assessment of our employees. This does not cause resentment, but rather improves business awareness.

As Mirsis, we protect the safety of data and identity of our customers, suppliers and employees. Information is shared only with individuals and organizations authorized by the laws, and not used for any other purpose. We comply with official contracts, laws and regulations in this regard

We all avoid conflicts of interest, respect intellectual property, and prevent our personal relationships to damage to the reputation of Mirsis. Our goal is to grow our reputation over time for our name's remembrance by future generations.


We establish equilibrium between the rules and flexibility

Business is important, but we also matter. If we soaked our shirts on the field, we should relax because we did our part. We know that unnecessary fuss creates panic, and panic will result in error.

We bear in mind that once we define the delivery deadlines through a realistic planning before starting the work and sticking to the schedule with discipline will minimize any incidents that would create panic.


We are aware of our responsibilities

We share information on the organizational structure, financial performance and business operations with third parties in accordance with the laws. Each of us assumes the outcome of the work we perform. Where necessary, decisions are made while taking risks with an entrepreneurial spirit. We do not necessarily accept every customer demand. Any tasks not meeting our ethical principles are rejected.

It is our social responsibility to comply with the laws on labor and employment. We do not engage in child labor. We employ minimum number of handicapped staff as provided by the laws. No one can be forced to involuntary job. Wages are paid on time and in such amounts as defined by the law.

We adopt as our guide to respect human rights. Mirsis employees may establish associations and become union members without fear of harassment or intimidation. All coworkers are entitled to collective bargaining and freedom of association.

We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment. We utilize anti-pollution technologies and endeavor to spread awareness on being eco-friendly. As we mentioned before, "Responsibility is the price of being generosity."


We have fun while doing our job

One has fun when engaged in enjoyable activities with others with whom they feel comfortable. People are comfortable in an environment where they can express their thoughts and are sincerely accepted. Content people are productive. Productive individuals in turn feel self-fulfilling and love their job.

We as Mirsis have fun in our job we perform in an embracing team atmosphere where everyone accepts each other.

We take our competitors seriously

The honesty in our business also reflects on our relationships with competitors. We do not attempt to acquire and use the confidential information of our competitors. We are inspired by their achievements and work, and we struggle for leadership. We are fair but challenging racers.

The honesty in our business also reflects on our relationships with competitors. We do not attempt to acquire and use the confidential information of our competitors. We are inspired by their achievements and work, and we struggle for leadership. We are fair but challenging racers.


We work modestly

When reflecting these principles on our business, success is guaranteed, in which case, we still maintain humility. We know that sustainable success counts. We do not forget that success depends on our individual performance as well as the support we obtain from our circle.


Our families our valuable for us

We know that happy people lead happy family lives. We are aware that various cultural values passed on to us by our families. We care for our children to grow up in happy and stable family environment. Therefore, we think that the framework of respect and loyalty which sustain the family must exist.

Just as the case with our families, we also value the norms which reinforce our commitment to respect and loyalty in our relationships across Mirsis.