Outsourcing Service

Taking the need for service and production flexibility, speed and efficiency in the realm of Information Technology into consideration and in the awareness of this reality, Mirsis aims at becoming the point of resource for information technologies through its experienced team of experts in the broad pool of resources in order to keep track of the rapidly developing technology and have a place in a competitive market. Mirsis grows its knowledge base exponentially with projects it is involved while providing effective support through the IT Consulting Services to organizations in their endeavor for achieving success.

The Project Approach

The outsourcing services provided by Mirsis define the human resources and their quality and quantity in the first place. Subsequently, employment requirements, employment strategy, corporate culture, position characteristics and the responsibilities required by the positions in the companies are analyzed by Mirsis Human Resources team trained on information technology and/or with past experience in the IT field. Human Resources Consultants investigate the candidate profiles which conform to the position's requirements and have experience in the industry. Competency-based interviews are performed with suitable candidates.

Our Principal Goals in Outsourcing Services;

  • To ensure increased quality of the resource pool offered to customers, and consequently to help companies to save time for candidate interviews,
  • To guide the most suitable and qualified candidates for the position, and
  • To meet the demand for designated periods.


  • Reduced investment, operating and operation costs,
  • Ability to define costs calculated in advance,
  • Flexible usage of the resource pool,
  • Sustainable resources and services,
  • Risk Sharing