Project Consulting

Project-Based Consulting Services

This is our service model where software and support services are addressed on project basis and where we assume project and resource management. Our project consulting model addresses large and small scale projects and maintenance services as a whole.

Mirsis approaches the Project Based Consulting Services as a strategic business model aiming at ensuring the customers to focus on core competencies and business results, and supporting the restructuring and rapid implementation of new applications.

It also aims at creating competitive advantage for its customers through the efforts towards achievement of expected quality and results for demanded service through effective management.


Project Approach

Mirsis believes that a good teamwork is essential for completion of the projects realized for customers in the desired quality and time. Disciplined and consistent teamwork and high level of communication are crucial.


Our Primary Goals for Project Services;

- Actual need recognition,

- Creating a team with harmonious corporate culture and members with the right skills and knowledge, and

- Achieving project success through the adoption of the organization's business method with a proactive approach.



- Ability of advance project resource cost calculation,

- Project management experience,

- Shorter recruitment and training times,

- Term and project-target oriented recruitment,

- Ability of choosing and utilizing specialized staff resources,

- Flexible usage of the resource pool

- Ensuring the controlling of risks,

- Operational efficiency, i.e., ensuring the company to focus on the principal fields of activity,

- Identification and ensuring measurable levels of service