We offer software solutions tailored to corporate cultures and business practices to meet the needs of our customers that cannot be addressed with ready-made products.


It is a service model in which project and resource management is undertaken by addressing software and support services on a project basis.

In our project consulting model, large and small comprehensive projects and maintenance work are covered as a whole.

Mirsis approaches the project consulting service as a strategic working model that supports the rapid implementation of restructuring and new practices, aiming to ensure that its customers focus on their core competencies and business results.

With an effective management, it aims to create competitive advantage by trying to provide its customers with the expected quality and results of the service they demand.


Serving in the field of Information Technology, Mirsis has adopted the principle of flexibility, speed and efficiency. It aims to be a preferred source point along with its experienced team to follow the technology and take part in the competitive market.

With its IT service consultancy service, Mirsis provides effective support to organizations towards achieving their goals, while doubling its knowledge base with the projects it is involved in.


“Software Testing” is basically a process carried out with certain rules and methods to determine that the product obtained with the expected quality, and to ensure that it is delivered with the desired quality.

Tests are carried out at every stage of the software development lifecycle, ensuring that the quality criteria required for the next phase are met.


Mirsis Information Technologies provides effective process consulting services to determine business strategies for companies to achieve desired business results, to use resources, technology effectively and to create competitive advantage.


Mirsis designs all digital processes of medium and large companies with end-to-end market dynamics and corporate culture in mind.

The services provided in this context are: SEO (search engine optimization), Google Analytics installation and data analysis, UX consulting